Todd Kelly keeps on truckin'

by Michael Teychenne
on 18 May, 2017

Nissan Motorsport is excited to reveal a new look for Todd Kelly’s #7 carsales Racing Altima this weekend, as Kelly races in a unique trucksales livery for the Winton SuperSprint
Kelly holds the unique distinction of being a team co-owner, race driver, and occasional team truck driver.                
“Last year I got to drive to the track and around the circuit, but I haven’t been in the truck for a little while now, so I’m probably a little rusty,” said Kelly. “But I’m surely about due to blow the cobwebs off and get behind the wheel soon.”
The livery signals another partnership between carsales and the mechanically minded Kelly, which follows on from the distinctive partsales livery raced last round in Perth.
“I am very fortunate to have the support of carsales and their entire network. All their different platforms cover most of my interests and I’ve loved trucks ever since I was a young boy. Back in Mildura, my parents had trucks. I remember driving around the property and having a ball.”
Following on from his charity jet ski ride to Tasmania, Kelly is now floating the idea of his next challenge being the 7,000km return trip across the Nullarbor in the team’s transporter.
“I was talking to the guys about the trip across from Perth and that’s one trip I’ve not done. I’ve driven to Darwin and back from Townsville before, but I haven’t done the big one to Perth. Probably a bit like jet skiing across Bass Strait, driving the team transporter across Australia would be one of those adventures you’d do, tick the box and then not push too hard to do it again.”
“Once you have a love and passion for machinery like that, you have it for life. Fortunately, back when I first got my license, changing gears in a truck was not too foreign to a race car gearbox in a lot of ways. You just had to make sure you’re at the right revs for it to go in. But with the two Mack SuperLiners we have, all you do is press the D button and relax and enjoy the ride.”
The new trucksales look will hit the track this Friday for practice at the Winton SuperSprint.
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