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The Importance of Using Dealership-Supported Mechanics.

If you have a new car, or your car is on lease from a dealership, then it is important that you find a trustworthy mechanic to attend to any servicing and repair needs. Many mechanics are supported or approved by car companies. This helps to ensure that they can provide you with the best service possible.


Nissan Certification

Mechanics can become Nissan-certified. This means that they have undergone training to ensure that they are adept and able to maintain top-quality service with working with various Nissan vehicles. They are also much more likely to have access to unique parts, or parts for older vehicles that can be hard to find. This is very useful as it reduces the amount of time your car is in the shop for, and it usually reduces cost as there is less need to ship parts from other cities or states.


Quality you can trust

Reaching a level of trust where Nissan feels comfortable recommending a mechanic takes time, effort, and a certain standard of quality of work. Mechanics who meet these criteria have shown time and time again that they are reliable and offer the standard of service we expect from ourselves. Quality is of vital importance to us as it helps us maintain a relationship with our clients. We want our clients to see that we value them and their vehicles.


Insurance and contracts

Did you know if you lease a vehicle, your insurance can sometimes be voided for using a non-approved mechanic? You need to check the fine print in any contracts you must ensure that you do not get caught out with hidden fees and charges. This can add a lot of money to your bill, and it can also lead to a lot of unnecessary stress and worry.  This is also important to be aware of if placing insurance on a second-hand vehicle. You should always check the service history and check with your insurer that the vehicle will be covered by the policy, based on previous owners’ mechanical choices.


Genuine parts

A Nissan-certified mechanic will work with you when ordering or placing replacement items in your car. Many mechanics get parts from wreckers to save money which means it is impossible to verify the quality of the part. Ordering first-hand parts can be very expensive and mechanics have the right to refuse to do so, and send you to another mechanic, if they feel that the time and effort is not worth it for them. Using an approved mechanic ensures that any second-hand parts are genuine and have undergone some form of testing, whether it be a mechanical test or a vehicle history check.

Your car is important to you, and we understand that without it, life would be a lot harder. That is why we want to ensure that our customers are prepared and educated to avoid getting caught out and needing to pay large bills or face off in lengthy insurance battles. If you own or lease your car, you need to ensure that you can trust it to continue getting you from A to B, stress free. 



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